Tourism Product and Experience Audits


Today’s global traveller wants immersive, authentic experiences and will pay good money. Gone are the days of ‘rough enough is good enough’ in today’s connected world.

Don’t wait for bad online reviews before you reconsider what you are doing. Chances are the damage is being done already.

If you are a Regional Manager, Council CEO or work in ecconomic development, you will benefit from an audit every 2-3 years to keep up with market changes and ensure your investment is actually growing the products needed for more successful promotion and bookings. We work with individual businesses and across destinations to:

  • review the current visitor experiences on offer by type, market and location
  • map hot spots of activity to determine visitor flow, bottle necks and opportunities for improved small infrastructure
  • review current and future visitor segments 
  • consult with industry on their challenges to innovate
  • assess the fit of products/experiences today from desktop and anecdotal research 
  • recommend strengths and gaps in market and
  • how they can be addressed from a suite of solutions in partnership with funders.

Get on the front foot and refresh your tourism product.

We use CVC's own 5E and 5 A approach to unpack the key elements that make memorable tourism experiences in an on-site visit.

Let us show you where you can make impactful improvements to keep your destination's competitive edge and keep visitors coming and your town on the map.

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