TIA is a joint venture initiative


Many landowners have no idea where to start in tourism yet alone manage a capital build designed for target market use.  We often see clients with elaborate architecture that is not required to return an excellent income from regional visitors. Sohow much iinvestment IS required, and how much is too much? How will you know that you are investing in the things that matter, before you green-light your upgrade?

Martin Pike and Susan Lee  bring years of experience facilitating investment into regional tourism and small scale accommodation for landowners, especially in SA and the NT. Our job is to develop comprehensive and tailored strategies to secure stakeholder and financial support for investment. We help build a business case for investment, assist with securing funding and oversee the project through to site activation. 

We know leisure markets buy more than a bed night in regions, they want experiences, things to do and see, so we focus on product development to make sure investment, and returns, are maximised.

We are passionate about regional Australia and supporting suitable use of land across all levels including commercial, cultural, social, and environmental. We apply a destination development approach including trail, interpretation, and shelter design to encourage and manage day users and self-drive markets, particularly in remote areas. 

who we help

Farmers, wineries, landowners, private investors, National Parks, local government, Aboriginal Corporations - many people participate in the tourism through the ethical and appropriate use of their land. We work on greenfield sites as well as redevelopment of existing facilities. 


We offer a turnkey, staged approach to tourism infrastructure development.

  1. Site Review - we assess the site with clients and advise on tourism access and visitor use
  2. Feasibility - we determine viability with market demand research and capability assessment, and design a site concept plan to help with communication
  3. Business Planning - we nut out the core tourism experience, product marketing and operational plan, forward profit and loss, people and capital needs
  4. Funding Plan - we develop a plan to fund the capital project in a timely way and demonstrate feasibility before any trades are engaged.
  5. Project Management - we support you to advise contractors and builders to ensure you don't overinvest

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