Marketing Plans


Many businesses go along fine without a marketing plan, until the competition gets fierce or sales dry up. suddenly marketing becomes urgent, but just making more noise doesn't bring in work... what now?

At CVC we are big believers of simple marketing strategy based on straightforward analysis. Not because marketing is simple, it isn't and anyone who tells you it is, is probably not accountable for the results. In business you MUST make sales. You have to pay bills, staff and then yourself.  You need to tap into an emotional need in a market and be present where the eyeballs are looking.

To do this we develop strategy, (what are we trying to achieve) then we focus on four areas and develop tactics to link them together in a plan.


We work with managers, business owners and their teams to identify and simplify naming conventions and language around their services and products. We often see inhouse jargon is a big barrier for potential new markets to find services they need.  We spend time unpacking which products meet markets needs and link them together to assist in promotions.


This is a big one. How do you know what to charge? We use a couple of methods, but always, we make sure we work out what things cost to deliver. You must cover your costs. Price is a major part of business positioning in a market - are you a high end supplier, or more affordable? Do you have a niche or are you a broad market product?  Are there enough people with dep pockets to keep paying you a premium over time?


Related to price, we step back and assess the marketplace you work in. How many competitors are there, and how do they differentiate? What is your point of difference and are you selling this in your promotions, imagery and sales talks? Are all your team on board and saying the same thing?

4) Promotion

When you can identify your target markets and linked services, know your market position and understand your point of difference, we move to promotions. Decisions about promotions are informed by customer type, your budget and where customers get information and search. We work in business to business markets, along supply chains and then, we look at mass marketing tactics, advertising, social media and more.

Our Marketing Plans are living documents to help you grow your sales and bookings, not just DIY checklists or social media ‘noise’ focused.

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