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marketing. it's a big word! And it's not as easy as it sounds, though you'd be led to believe otherwise.

With so much focus on social media and creating 'profile' and 'brand', it's beneficial to pause and really look at what your organisation is doing and why? Do you really need to promote, if you already have enough sales and a good profile?  Is your team already pushed to the brink handling enquiries? Have you thought about price, product and position?  You might be surprised at the answers!

If you are in a business responding to change, finding new markets or developing new products you may wonder 'how do we reach this market? Who are they?'  We help clients identify market traits, preferences, competitors, and explore ways to cut through, and what this will take to really work. 

The projects we've undertaken include stakeholder engagement plans, workshop facilitation, interviewing for market feedback on programs, B2B capability profiles and fundraising and communications strategies for government, private and NFPs. 

Clients include: 

  • SafeWork SA, Communications Plan for business outreach and engagement
  • HomeStart Finance, Regional Market Analysis
  • Bedford Group, Market Demand analysis in regional SA
  • Outback Communities Authority, Communications Strategy
  • Minda Inc, new website scoping strategy, market research and customer journey mapping
  • City of Adelaide, Tourism Marketing Action Plan and Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Illminart Stories in Light, Marketing Strategy and inhouse coaching
  • Emu Run Tours, Tourism Export Marketing Plan
  • and others. 

our marketing services:

  • Target market analysis - identifying segments, characteristics, opportunities and size
  • Competitive analysis - identifying market gaps and unique selling proposition
  • Customer journey mapping 
  • Content development - strategy and implementation key messages, integration across channels
  • B2B marketing, branding and procurement processes 
  • Marketing Plans 
  • Communications Plans 
  • Stakeholder engagement, workshop facilitation and surveys.

Project and hourly rates are available. 

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