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Clear Vision Consulting works on tailored strategic pieces of work to inform organisational growth strategies, marketing action priorities and to help businesses grow market share.

Strategic marketing is about understanding what is driving market behaviour. Without understanding this, a lot of time and money can be spent on promotions and digital, without enduring impact.  Our view is that successful promotions depend on a realistic grasp of the factors affecting an organisations’ competitive environment, and then planning promotions to take advantage and develop a presence where needed.

We offer the following marketing support, research and planning services:

  • Determine an organisations’ market attractiveness and relative competitive position to others in market, and help clients select their focus markets for growth;
  • Identify target markets, preferences and their experience of a business or service;
  • Identify new products for existing markets through B2B research;
  • Identify new markets for existing products through consultation and research;
  • Map the ‘customers’ journey’ of a business, across all the consumer touch points, and identify stages where they make trade-off purchase decisions;
  • Competitor mapping and analysis to determine unoccupied market space;
  • Marketing plans for growing small businesses and start – ups with a focus on B2B;
  • Assist management develop specific strategies for product / market growth using market/growth share matrix;
  • Communications Plans including brand messaging, channels, frequency, editing and copy writing for eDM, SEO and print;
  • Export marketing – international tourism distribution via Global Tourism Network in 24 countries; and
  • Self drive / regional / destination based tourism marketing plans.

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