Indigenous business support 


Never has there been a better time to start a business, if you are a first nations organisation, or entrepreneur. The indigenous owned business sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia.

And it's not stopping anytime soon, thanks to policy settings, market opportunities and growing consumer demand for social responsibility, ethical supply chains and 'closing the gap' with purposeful Indigenous procurement.

Indigenous businesses go through all the same stages as any other businesses but  also deal with perception bias, community and systematic racism.  Some of these barriers include knowing who to trust with advice, how to keep getting up after being knocked down, how to make a business case, how to work with government and where to start in the world of procurement and wininng contracts. It can be daunting.

Susan Lee, Principal at CVC works with hundreds of Indigenous start ups, entrepreneurs and community Corporations, to build confidence and business skills, and meet market expectations.  She has worked in Indigenous procurement nationally, managed federal government advisory and coaching programs in multiple states and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Elders on community.

Benefits of working with CVC

  • Get ideas down on paper to organise your thinking;

  • Develop tailored frameworks for your community to navigate cultural worlds and the business world;

  • Develop clear plans to share with others and demonstrate credibility and viability;

  • Explore opportunities, together with community and the Board in a safe manner;

  • Find people to partner with with aligned values;

  • Plan for the resources needed to implement things, such as creating revenue streams from business activity, or winning grants;

  • Build business capacity and skills to bring others on the journey;

  • Support to stay the path when you are ready to give up;

  • Stay confident. You've got this.

CVC Clear Vision Consulting works with Indigenous entrepreneurs in all sectors such as arts, tourism, light agriculture and aquaculture, professional services and more. We develop business cases for loans, demonstrate viability and support clients to take their next steps to start, grow or scale.  Our clients include:

  • Moonrise Seaweed, Business Plan, SA
  • Walkabout Cultural Adventures, Tourism Export Coaching, QLD
  • Maraku Arts, Tourism Export & Product Development, NT
  • Arabana Aboriginal Corporation, Tourism Investment Strategy, SA
  • Wild 1 Consulting, NT
  • Aboriginal Contemporary Arts, SA
  • Flourishing Bodies, Busiess Planning, NT
  • Tribal Warrior, NSW
  • IPS, Business Advisory, WA
  • and many more

CVC delivers via National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) and Regional Development Boards. We coach under national and state programs, including the NT Business Growth Program, NT Aboriginal Investment Corporation, NT Indigenous Business Network and Tourism Industry Council of SA and ASBAS.

Discuss your project with us and make a time here on Calendy for a meeting.

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