Growth Clear Vision Consulting


Growth occurs at all stages of a business’ lifecycle and often managers and business owners need tailored services to help them to manage changes required to adapt to new conditions or strategic direction.

The things our clients say to us are:

  • ‘We hit a roadblock, sales are declining and need to determine what’s going wrong and where.’
  •  ‘We are growing rapidly and feel like we are losing control of our priorities.’
  •  ‘We are at a cross road and have multiple choices about opportunities, but we are not sure which way to go.’
  •  ‘We want to go into tourism but are not sure how it works.’
  •  ‘We need to document our new direction so we can attract investment, apply for government grants or loans’.
  •  ‘We are tired of competing with the guys down the road, we want to find new markets and establish firmer ground in the long term’.
  • ‘We want to comply to Fairwork and get better staff management systems in place, get more organised and professional.’ 

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