Pre-Feasibility Studies


wonder if your business idea will stack up?

We offer straightforward pre-feasibility studies to help you quickly ascertain the strength of your idea.

We've been providing this service for over 10 years to banks, small bespoke property developers and private investors considering tourism and land based developments like campsites, walking trails, tours, farm stays and glamping. 

We work with you to understand your concept, build on any existing market research with our own consulting, assess the strength of the current market and competitors and understand your return on investment expectations and risk profile. Working within your limits, we come back to you with a report  outlining the opportunity, likely demand, a high level operating business model with estimated forecast profit and loss and talk you through the marketing, staff and capital investment you’d need to make to attract bookings, and operate a successful regional tourism business with confidence. Or, if it doesn't stack up, even after exploring alternatives, at least you haven't lost any sleep wishing on a star.

You will get a deeper understanding of the business dynamics, linked contingencies and the confidence to approach a bank for a loan, or continue into a full Business Plan. Perfect for small property developers, investors and white collar professionals advising clients entering the tourism industry. 

Contact us with your business concept and we can give you a ballpark quote.

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