City of Adelaide Tourism Action Plan 2017 - 2020


Adelaide Council had never before had a Visitor Services and Tourism Action Plan that positioned the city as a destination in its own right, overshadowed by iconic regions like the Barossa and Kangaroo Island. 

It's not the only capital city in Australia facing this issue of being somewhat overlooked; Melboure is similar since the deminse of Destination Melbourne.

So the brief for Clear Vision Consulting was to help Council's tourism team to engage and work with city-based industry to get input into a progressive, forward looking Plan that everyone would support and have a role to play in  sharing the tourist dollar.

Stakeholders set the priorities and actions

CVC underook an internal review with Council's Visitor Information Centre staff and volunteers, followed by two roundtables with stakeholders in government and industry and one large stakeholder forum at Adelaide Cricket Ground, testing all the big ideas floated from previous sessions for relevance, cost, ease and further exploration. 

Five key themes emerged from stakeholder forums and formed the structure of the Tourism and Visitor Service Action Plan 2020. All actions needed to link back to Council’s KPIS: more bed nights from target markets, and increased attendance at events as well to contribute towards SA Tourism’s  Tourism Strategy  goal of attracting 8.1 m visitors by 2020.

The process revealed operators felt there was a ‘missing link’ between the capital and SA regions, the capital’s brand is not represented through the kinds of rich cultural, authentic, local and artistic experiences on offer, and many gains could be had by working smarter together, with greater networking opportunities to ignite partnerships to niche student, international and business visitors. These segments are relatively high yield and come in low numbers, therefore more sustainable for the city and community.


‘Mapping’ Adelaide’s tourism assets with stakeholders, Susan Lee, Becky Hirst with Mayor Martin Haese

Council endorsed their first ever, industry endorsed Tourism Action Plan in 2018.

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