Business & Product Reviews

When established organisations and businesses are at a turning point, often it’s time to review the current state of play before making the next move.

This includes growth priorities, consolidation, budget saving measures, getting the most out of current investments in people and capital.  Often managers and business owners want to revisit past and current projects , hear what others have to say and be helped refocus on priorities going forward.

Recent projects include:

Accreditation Program Review for the SA Tourism Industry Council 

In the midst of a restructure and the engagement of a new General Manager, Susan was asked to review the role of the National Tourism Accreditation Program in SATIC’s business.  Sue reviewed procedures and links across the business,  required upgrades and the core value proposition of a national  tourism Accreditation program to tourism industry. Susan presented to the Board and made around 15 recommendations most which have were endorsed and are already implemented or underway.


Tourism Experience Product Review for Hermannsburg Historic Precinct, NT

The iconic Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is 130 kms west of Alice Springs in a peaceful indigenous community and visited by around 12,000 self-drivers each season. We worked with stakeholders to walk around the attraction and see it through a visitor’s eyes, assessing the experience on the entrance, engagement, emotional experience  and other aspect – this is called the ‘5 E’ approach, and useful for facilitating stakeholders to actively identify issues and set priorities together.


A Strategic Review for the SA Learning Centre (the training division at Minda SA)

We worked with staff and management at Minda Incorporated to understand the internal dynamics review financial performance of the SA Learning Centre. We undertook detailed market and product analysis on price and costs to operate and made recommendations to the Minda Board for the strategic realignment of priorities in the training organisation to become more competitive and cost effective.

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