Business Plans


a business plan is like a road map that shows you've done your thinking. You will need one for Grants, loans and if borrowing capital from indigenous business australia. 

They don't have to be long and complicated, or have detailed finances, but they do need to have structure and logic, show some rigor and be more than a wish-list. Our process follows:

Research and analysis

A good plan is based on addressing the real issues confronting the business owners and Board. It's time to speak to internal and external stakeholders about the issues and the market competitors and gather qualitative feedback. Plus we review internal documents, projects and structural information to get the current state of play. We can also help management review past performance to understand what needs to change and why. 


We work with you to define your purpose, what ‘success’ means and determine where to find and allocate resources to achieve success, your way.  Are you buying and growing a business to sell it in 5 years time, or is your aim to make yourself a healthy income for the next 5-10 years?  Depending on the answer, your business plan will take a very different shape.


The business plan needs to identify unmet demand and show how your business will set out to capture and service this demand. We quantify the size of the market opportunity using available data, talking to the market, and consulting. We determine frequency, pricepoints, barriers and capital equipment needed to realise opportunity. We also factor in risks, throughout the planning process.

financial plan

The finances should tell the story in numbers. What is the equipment needed at what stage and how much does it cost? We use the market data and develop trading models to show what you can expect to earn in years one, two and three, and importantly, what it will cost you. We determine if you can make profit and when and work with you to adjust the model and set your expectations about how to achieve profits sooner - what you might have to give up, or invest in in order to run a profitable business. 

Capital attraction

Most grants, loans and major project funding require a Business Plan demonstrating viability of your concept. We develop business plans for clients seeking funding from banks, Indigenous Business Australia, and state and federal government. This includes coaching on pitching and communicating value, clearly.

How to work with us

We respond to a written scope of works, but it all starts with a conversation. Following this, we meet and come back to you with a quote including a tailored methodology. 

Contact us to make an enquiry, or email us your scope to review.

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