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About the book

Booked Out! How to Start and Grow a Successful Regional Tourism Business is the first Australian book to guide readers through the nuances of the dynamic and multi layered regional tourism industry, with the humour and insight of someone who's living it. Covering the essentials of starting out and marketing basics, Booked Out! is an essential read for anyone interested in the tourism operator's journey, building destinations with accessible experiences, harnessing the power of community and leveraging your quirks to get booked out. 


"I wrote Booked Out! after 20 years of being asked the same questions and seeing the same common thinking that stopped people realising their potential. Anyone can be and is in tourism; artists, food producers and farmers, property investors, the swimming pool operator, Aboriginal people, heritage volunteers, the local mechanic and camping store.  This book is the most cost effective way new tourism operators can learn the things I teach everyday to get bookings, sooner."

Susan Lee (MBA, BA Comms) works nationally in iconic destinations (and some not so iconic, yet!) helping business owners and communities to grow using tourism strategies that succesful operators employ to create new revenue streams.  She advises on national and state specialist programs, served on the Australian Regional Tourism Network Board and is known as a regional tourism business growth expert. 

Susan founded Clear Vision Consulting in 2011 to focus on working with regional industry to build sustainable eco and cultural tourism offerings, community planning, implement creative marketing ideas,  and create new income streams to survive volatile seasonality - especially on the land, by winning sales one booking at a time.


So what's it about?

Booked Out shows you:

  • the common mistakes new tourism operators make and how to avoid them
  • how to leverage your regional characteristics to create compelling visitor experiences
  • how destinations are created, promoted and used to draw in visitors
  • the language of the sector in simple terms
  • how to identify visitor segments and profitable niches
  • what good looks like 
  • the fundamental marketing tools and tactics to master on a budget
  • the mindset needed to build tenacity, take risks and enjoy the ride 
  • where to get support and grants, and 
  • loads of ways to get booked out! 



"This book is just what the industry needs right now. It is going to help so many people, from old school operators trying to shake things up, to people trying to break into the industry and don’t fully understand how the beast works.

Susan mentored me as an up and coming Aboriginal tourism operator, she helped me think outside the box when it came to engaging different markets. Her guidance and support helped me grow as a business owner and create a brand that is now well known."

Juan Walker, Owner/Operator, Walkabout Cultural Adventures

"Booked Out! is a must-read for aspiring tourism entrepreneurs. With practical advice based on insights from experienced operators Booked Out gives a comprehensive understanding of the industry's fundamentals, strategies, and tactics. It's an easy to read indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of the sector and building a profitable business. Whether you're new to regional tourism or have some experience, this book is an essential read for anyone looking to succeed in the tourism industry."

Ben Law, The Financial Bloke (Podcast)

"This book is a great resource for anyone on the land considering starting a tourism business and those in government supporting regional economic growth. Pragmatic, fun and easy to read, Booked Out! makes the case for why strong, profitable businesses are essential to sustain Australia's regional advantage."

Sean Holden, CEO Local Government Association Northern Territory

"This book is truly valuable and I wish back in the day I had such a resource."

Karen Ellis, Director, Camel Treks Australia

"I first went into a tourism business over 40 years ago and I wish I had a book like this to help me. Tourism is a specialised business and in some ways works the opposite to other business. A good understanding before you make those first steps will vastly improve your chances of success. I recommend Booked Out! to anyone joining the industry."

Rod Quartermain, Chairperson Australia’s Golden Outback




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Booked Out!  is a great resource for tourism and hospitality staff, management and business students and professionals, who are ready to apply the theory on the job.  Why not buy copies for your staff or students? If you manage a tourism business or teach tourism courses this book is THE essential contemporary Australian tourism industry resource. 

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