4 Must Have B2B Marketing Tools for Small Business


Marketing has become a nightmare for many small to medium business owners (SMEs) as the number of free graphic design tools, social media platforms and expert advice seems to double every year. 

As a small business owner myself, I’m a fan of DIY marketing to keep costs down – until things get busy and then I outsource to a couple of reliable contractors… who can also be hard to find in a sea of marketing ‘experts’. Here’s the key, mostly free online tools and platforms that I’ve found indispensable for promoting my business to my clients. My markets are mainly a business or B2B (or business to business) target market.

1. Linked In

The ultimate pool of contacts for professionals who are looking for up to date stories, blogs and information in their sector. Networking is a great way to win business leads and contacts, and Linked In is a great place to build your tailored customer contact database.

2. Pipeline Deals (from $25/month)

There are many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools out there. Pipeline Deals is a sales channel plus database with a dashboard that shows multiple deals, projects at different stages of the sale, likelihood of winning and value of the sale. It is ideally for a sales team, but I use it in a  small team of 1-3.  It links to Mail Chimp so you can build Mail Chimp mailing lists from your Pipeline Deals contacts, and links to LinkedIn so you can auto download LinkedIn contacts into Pipeline Deals. You can schedule tasks to your team, follow sales leads, save emails and documentation to contacts.

3. Mail Chimp (free for businesses with under 2000 contacts)

A free US e-mail design and campaign program that provides templates, segmented lists, tracks e-mail opens, unsubscribes, enables sales carts and great tips and videos about how to write, design and send beautiful e-mails. No spamming, of course.

4. Hoot Suite

A social media management tool that lets you manage all channels in one place. Write your blog for your website and then post it multiple times in one place, without having to open Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram separately. You can schedule posts, see who’s engaged in which posts and which posts you’ve engaged with on others’ accounts.

Clear Vision Consulting advises on Marketing Strategy for strategic growth and offers an In House Marketing Manager service for business owners who find getting these tasks done, too hard to do on their own.  

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