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Most successful people share similar characteristics – they surround themselves with good people with skillsets different to their own, and actively seek out and invest time in quality advice and conversations.

It’s no different in small business. Wherever you are on your business path, having an experienced business mentor or coach can help identify problems, offer alternatives and give an objective view when you may need it most. The benefits can save you time and money in the long run and help your team to avoid costly mistakes and reap the reward of doing things differently. You can also build new habits, learn new ways of doing things and learn new skills that you can implement to do things better. 

When we coach, we have a human centred approach, tailor our advice to each person/business and make our network available to clients and actively facilitate introductions as needed. It’s easier networking with a wing-woman or wing-man!

Until Sept 2022, you can register for 3 hours of mentoring for only $44 through the Australian Small Business Advisory service, with Clear Vision Consulting here:

You will fill out a form, be contacted by Adelaide Business Hub, complete another assessment online and pay $44 by credit card, then we can get started.

This long-running federal program is open to any SA based business with an ABN and less than 20 staff.

We welcome small or large jobs and offer Advisory services in:

  • Capital fundraising and grant writing
  • Responding to tenders and working procurement processes
  • Operationalizing strategy and rapid mobilization
  • Project methodology and implementation
  • Revenue diversification
  • Mentoring and coaching - regional outreach through tele & online coaching
  • Competitive strategy and tactics
  • Staff and industry capacity building – workshops and program design
  • Tourism operations and selling and more
  • Boards, businesses and individuals

Fee for service, day rates or retainers are available and tailored on request.

Make a time with Susan Lee in Calendy to discuss your needs.

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