Advisory and Strategy


successful people share similar characteristics – they surround themselves with people with different SKILLSETS and invest in help from experts.

Business throws many challenges at us, all the time. Whether you are on a Board grappling with limited funding, or in a business trying to launch a new service, or in government launching a new service or program, we all need help to reframe our thinking so we can keep going, and keep growing.


We work with not for profit boards in the mental health and disability space such as Lifeline, right through to government agencies like HomeStart and SafeWorkSA wanting to reach regional and Indigenous communities to launch new services. We work with peaks, councils and advise private clients through Indigenous Business Australia and other agencies.

Coaching and mentoring

Susan Lee coaches business owners one on one, facilitates workshops and mentors staff in various functions to implement and tailor new systems and ways of thinking to bring about change.

Working with an experienced business advisor can help identify red flags, offer alternatives and give an objective view when you have doubts. It happens to us all.  The benefits can save you time and money in the long run. So invest in yourself and your team and build the confidence to work better. 


Susan facilitates workshops and strategy sessions with Boards, Executive teams on and off site and in regional areas.  Areas of experience include:

  • Developing strategic plans
  • Marketing and engagement for peak bodies delivering services
  • Tenders, grant and funding plans to secure future revenue 
  • Operationalizing strategy with management teams into meaningful goals and KPIs
  • Diversification with product and market development
  • Competitive strategy - staying relevant in a changing landscape
  • Sustainable and ethical tourism development
  • Business to business development, branding, pitching and storytelling

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