Six Rivers Cultural Museum Plan


On the north coast of Tasmania, Tiagarra Aboriginal Cultural and Art Centre looks out over the sea and is a unique place to learn about first contact history, from a different perspective.

Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation own and operate Tiagarra Museum, a small museum attraction with intimate panoramas of the evolution of Aboriginal life from pre-contact to post contact with British colonists in the late 18th and early 19th century. Both the muesum and retail shop are housed in the architecturally designed building, using a unique shingle-tile style rarely seen anymore.

Tasmania was the original penal colony for British convicts shipped to Australia and Tasmanian Aboriginal communities were deeply impacted. Six Rivers represents Aboriginal people from across the north west, with descendant connections to the original people of Flinders Island communities.  With the support of the Indigenous Land Corporation Six Rivers are working with Clear Vision Consulting to develop and implement a business plan with a strong operational and marketing focus. 

Tasmania is experiencing rapid growth in international visitors, many coming by cruise ship. Cruise ships bring both Australians across from the mainland, as well as international visitors on overseas ships, doing a global turn. Many of these passengers opt to do shore based excursions and our role is to help find new customers for the Museum, year-round to assist with revenue growth.

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