Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail: From trail-building to building an iconic experience 


We designed and facilitated a workshop to unpack the journey a consumer makes to booking a 4 day wilderness hike, with the government team responsible for building, selling and delivering the experience.

Why was this necessary? Because the SA government made a $5m election promise to make Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail one of the must-do tourism experiences in SA, to attract more international visitors and improve the economy in the Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island regions.

With the government team responsible for the trail build, promotions and marketing, the updating of the website and the delivery of the on-site customer experience, Susan Lee walked the team through the four stages of tourism product consumption -  research, booking, experience, reflect/share. The workshop showed there's more to creating an iconic tourism experience than just building a great trail.

The Trail was launched successfully in September 2017 and continues to attract more walkers each year. We can tailor a workshop for your teams' needs and help get all the vital elements of your tourism product working in unison.

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